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What You Forgot About Your Spouse

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Hello everyone, I'm back with another one. I can't really say I apologize for being absent at the moment, who knows, maybe this one will get soooo many likes that I have to continue on a steady pace. This is a really important subject to me, being that I've seen it and lived some of it as well. We talking marriage and children today. You'll catch on later. First off, I want to thank you all for joining me once again after all this time. I have a question for you. What have you forgotten about your spouse???

The definition of a spouse to all you ratchets out there that didn't know marriage existed, is a husband or wife, considered in relation to their partner, your mate or your better half. I've been doing alot of reading over the past few months, to the point that I haven't even really been updating my main website, BUT, the information that I have received is enough to give you definitive answers to some of those great spouse questions. Who do you LOVE??? The worst of the worst is throwing the word LOVE around like a football thrown by Peyton Manning. Why are you married? Because you are in LOVE? For the CHILDREN? or Do you even have a clue, maybe it was for the best dickin' down you've ever had in your life. Who knows... But what I will do today is show you the worst things you can do to your spouse and how you can make it better.

If you don't know my bio, please go back and do the research, the fact that I've seen so much IS NOT AN UNDERSTATEMENT. I have another question for you, what is the one thing you don't want to lose in your "Better Half"? Love, Money, Kids or the SEX? If none of these are your answer, please post below, I'd love to see it. I was reading 'She Divorced Me Because I Left The Dishes By The Sink', and initially I laughed, but after giving extra thought, it seriously pissed me off, not the writer himself, but the situation he was in. One thing that stuck out to me was when he said "Men are not children, even if we behave like them" AND "Being respected by others is important to men." This is all true, and women sometimes don't care or just do it out of spite. And this is where I begin.

One of the worst things you can do to your husband is treat them like the past never mattered or never even happened, it's very hurtful to men that have at one point been the backbone of that very union, When men face trials and tribulations, it's not up to your wife to shit on you and bad mouth you based on a failure or a shortcoming. ESPECIALLY, if you've always made it your business to hold the fort down. When your spouse treats you like All Of A Sudden they can do much better, not realizing that you are BETTER based on your relationship with your spouse is puzzling to me. What you 2 have built together, whether its a home or children, is what made you fall even more in love. The fact that you've given each other gifts that no one else can give, like your children, your home and more. Understand when I say "that no one else can give" means You can't have the same child twice or you can get the same gifts, but they mean so much more from that ONE individual that loved you most.


Are you with me??? I'm no psychic, I don't know exactly what my wife says to anyone, but I have enough confidence to know that it won't go there and that's a problem that no one wants. There is no doubt in my mind that every married man or woman has this same thought. Don't allow anyone else to have the satisfaction of putting "THE SMILE" on your spouses face. I know wives that don't give 2 shits and will throw that pussy at dudes if there husbands say I Love You the wrong way. It's a cold world out here. I know a wife that will shoot on her husband for playing video games, but it's cool for them to be in love with Love & Hip-Hop, HWOA and the worst of all, Basketball Wives. Please... Tell me what is worse. The fact that another way dads can interact with his children is through video games SHOULD be a plus. Now, a guy like me, I've had the short end of the stick a few times. I'm no longer a true athlete after an injury in 2008, I really try not to do much but be a family man in 2016, where the women act like dudes with hard dick and alot of these guys out here act straight bitch. There is an epidemic.

Now, I found this video cool, Pastor took up for his sexy dressing wife. Your spouse is the one you talk to about anything. Husbands, please don't allow your wife to disrespect your morals and tell you what you are doing wrong based on something they read a week ago. I BELIEVE IN GOD... Yes, there is a God and I'm God-Fearing, but I'm also my own man, and I don't need you FORCING your beliefs on me when you haven't even read 35% of whatever Bible you've snipped from. And FAITH is not the only thing you need to be successful, you need more. This is no knock on Religion, not at all, it's the people you have to worry about. Wives, have you ever asked your husband what they absolutely can't stand about you? If you have and he responded, did an argument ensue? If it did, these are the type of arguments you want, it brings better understanding to your love and Make-Up Sex is wonderful, but always remember, If and when you make a change, your spouse needs to be on the same page.

Don't let your children see you discouraged and hurt. It happens from time to time, your human, but don't make it constant. When you argue in front of the children on the regular, it makes the kids think that this is what married people do and that begins a trend of daughter arguing with dad, because mom did it. Wives, understand that your man doesn't want to do as much as you do, but they want to be respected enough to do what they want to do sometime. I have a friend that only went out 4 times last year without his wife on his arm. She always wanted him at home or out with her, but come to find out she was fucking another dude, but they are still married, he kept his wife, the wife that kept him on lockdown in the house and then when he was out she was fucking the pool guy... He stayed because he was IN LOVE, nothing else but that, but I guarantee at the drop of a dime, she would bounce on ole boy. It's not cool.

In marriages, you still can learn something new everyday. But, if your wife wants to leave you for leaving dishes on the counter, that bitch didn't deserve to be a wife... It's way more serious shit out here. So people, husbands, wives, babymamas and babydaddies, get your shit together, continue to support your love with the best of your ability, everything will work out, Why? Because you won't allow it to fail.

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