Monday, August 31, 2015

Your Sons Are Being Taken

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Hello all, it's been a long time, and for my dedicated fans, THANK YOU for waiting on me. I write in 2 other blogs and I haven't had the time to post on my most informal site, which is not good. Hopefully I can make up for it today.

So, I watched the 2015 VMA's on MTV last night. What the fuck was going on last night people??? Miley Cyrus hosted, which I honestly had no problem with. There was much more to pay attention to last night. Like Kim K looking like the Penguin from Tim Burton's Batman Returns to She-Males dancing around on stage like it's the PRIDE parade in Fells Point, Baltimore. Now, I have no problem with your sexual preference, that's all you, but there are some things that I don't agree with about that show. From Taylor Swift saying lil boys should be princesses to Kanye running for POTUS in 2020... 

The sad thing about all of this is that NO ONE knows how bad of a problem we have in the US today... Where a black man or woman can be killed in the street or in a jail cell, but the white woman leading the police on a 25 minute LOW-SPEED chase is actually able to get out of her car and dance like she's in the club, twerking and what not, before the police even approaches... That's a big problem. The fact that when you see the tremendous murder rates in countless cities in America, that not only do you have to worry about the police killing your children, but you also have to worry about social media outlets and various TV Awards shows stealing your sons and daughters from you too. There are so-called MEN that run around dressing like Vicky Secret models encouraging your sons to do the same. I have 2 sons, 12 & 2 years old. The fact that both of my sons can talk, sing & dance, gives me every reason NOT to let them watch the VMA's. It's always the lasting impression of the father that gets left out of the discussion these days. What the VMA's did this year was beat the continuous drum in your ear that being gay, dressing like women and having females beef with each other is ok... Listen people, a gay person will be gay regardless, they don't need help from award ceremonies. The awards are supposed to be a celebration of great artists, instead it's the opportunity to talk the masses into being COY or very soft... Will I be upset if my sons come to me later down the line and say that they are gay? NO & YES.. No, because you, as a person, has the right to love whatever you want, except the Steelers or Redskins, and Yes, because in the back of your mind you feel like you could have done a better job as a father. But guess what??? That has nothing to do with it, it's what they want and feel... Just be a proud parent, but what I don't need is award ceremonies broadcasting it like it a new Fruity Pebbles commercial.

GO LISTEN TO THE ORIGINAL BLUEPRINT... KRS-ONE... or Guerillas in Tha Mist by Da Lench Mob.. The music influences how we treat each other. With SOCIAL MEDIA at a ridiculous high and it's way too much, the music and videos you see has some type of feminine aura about it. I'm truly considering taking my family to Amsterdam. The BEST music out here is J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Big Sean, yep, Big Sean. BUT... What the powers that be want you to see is ^^^^^... AND listen to Young Thug... Let me teach guys, this is where my MOTHERS & FATHERS come in to play. Alot of people will have a difficult time agreeing with me and my views on this new generation of parents and children, but let me quote something for you.

In 1989, Author A. Ralph Epperson wrote "The New World Order" which has explained alot of the shit that's happening today.

"The old world is coming to an end. It will be replaced with a new way of doing things. The new world will be called the "New World Order."This new structuring will re-distribute property from the "have" nations and will give it to the "have- not" nations. The New World Order will include changes in: The Family: Homosexual marriages will be legalized, parents will not be allowed to raise their children (the state will) all women will be employed by the state and not allowed to be "homemakers", divorce will become ex-ceedingly easy and monogymous marriage will be slowly phased out, The Workplace: The government will become the owner of all of the factors of production, the private ownership of property will be outlawed, Religion: Religion will be outlawed and believers will be either eliminated or imprisoned, there will be a new religion: the worship of man and his mind, all will believe in the new religion."

I extend this invite to ALL my young mothers and fathers, DO NOT fall into the trap... Pay attention to everything, READ... Don't watch FOX (racism)  and understand that the police WILL kill young black people and think there is justification. Child Support is not help, it's a way out... The system owns you now. Stop being lazy and work. Make better decisions and you won't be mentioned as ratchet & stupid...

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