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Are White Women Better BabyMama's?

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Sorry for the ridiculous delay. I want to thank all of you that continued to read and like BabyMama Critique. I'm happy to be back to give you valuable information about being a better mother or father, as well as establishing a good relationship with your child{ren}. Today's topic is a pretty critical subject. It deals with race. The question I ask you is "Are White Women Better BabyMama's"?

Back in the day a black man dating a white woman was frowned upon, even as lately as 2010. Almost 80% of white women who date black men say it's an experience they would definitely want to continue. I felt like this was a great time to do this because of the tension of innocent young black men being killed by white police. Now, I don't hate all police for this situation, but it definitely shows that race still plays a major part in justice and crime. I mean any time a black woman shoots in the sky she could get 20 years in prison, but Zimmerman kills Treyvon Martin and gets off free... But, I will still hang on that, this is about men and women in relationships.

White women used to hate having a FAT (Phat) ass. They despised a small 5 lb weight gain, because they always thought it made them unattractive, and it's sad to say that white women concentrate more on their looks than any other race. Meanwhile, black women are on the cover of popular magazines like InStyle, Cosmo and Glamour trying to look like the white women with too much make-up and straight hair down to their asses. That is strange to me... Today white women with curves is something they put effort into. Wearing yoga pants EVERYWHERE! Flirting a bit more and doing certain exercises to make that ass worth drooling over. That is what a man wants, in particular the black man.

I did a post a while back that basically informs the majority that in 60-80 everyone will be a mixed race. A young woman stated that she has the right to date a black man and now that she is dating, she gravitates to the black man. She explains that she gets dirty looks from black women when she is out on a date with a black man. Now, that dirty look usually comes from a black, boring ratchet woman.Might already be a BabyMama and doesn't want to see any relationship prosper, especially with a white chick.

There are some outstanding single black mothers, but then it's not. Some black women want to continue fucking their baby father and when dude finds another chick, this hoe all in her feelings. There is a reason why you are not together, but the sex might be a 10 1/2. Understand what it is ladies, if this is a way to keep him around his child, I think you are going about this in terrible way. It causes you heartbreak, hell, you might be setting the trap to get pregnant again.

The reason white women can handle an interracial relationship is quite simple... She doesn't complain and she'll try anything you want sexually. Even after she has a child with a black man, she won't be a pest, she doesn't want your money and she'll still do anything for you. Especially between the ages of 26-38. I prefer the black woman, however I do have children with another race. There is definitely a difference in attitude between the two of these women, one is very difficult, she is the woman that cares nothing about your relationship with your child, but makes up nonsense why you couldn't. The other has grown into a great person. It wasn't always cool, but now I can talk to her anytime about my daughter and anything "Fanboyz" related.

My advice would be to the men, step your game up. Don't get caught in the trap. The decision on who is a better BabyMama, well that is to each their own. Which would you say, and why? Thank you for reading, I'll be back soon with new material.

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    Well gee u didn't say nothing about how tawanda is struggling with jarome's mean,lieing, no job having , i can do wht i want to do, but u cant do shit i do cuz u. Aint me, then gets mad whn u do the same shit he did last week,butt ,trifling self and how she should go be with chad now did u? If she being mean u gave her a reason to

  2. Why would you assume he gave her a reason to? I guess thats just a mans nature. So typical


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