Friday, June 13, 2014

As This Ratchet World Turns.....

By Melanie P   Posted at  6:10 AM   Youtube No comments

We've all seen them on Facebook, Vine, YouTube, WorldStar, pretty much all over.  All these ratchet ass videos with little girls twerkin, and "doin it for the vine" with their mama and them laughing and carrying on like it's cute.  And if you're one of those people who look at a video like this little girl going down a pole on the playground or even this one with this group of girls dancing around their friends. and think, "damn they doin it tho!" then you're part of what's wrong with this world. When your precious little 14 year old is doin somethin strange for a little bit of change, just so she can afford diapers for her baby just don't ask why.  Just smack the shit outta yourself, close your bedroom door and just don't come out...ever.

How in the hell can you sit back and be telling your baby girl to do it for the vine and post that shit on the internet.  Its not like when we were younger and did dumb shit, people just forgot about it after a few days because there were no camera phones and as many social media sites as there are today.  Now you do something dumb you can Google it for ages.
These parents, well all parents really, should be teaching these young girls to have a lot more self respect and understand their self worth than to just be shaking the little bit of body that they do have. It all starts at home. If your gonna dance like that, keep it in the club or just away from the kids, period.  Same thing with all these sexy selfies with the kids in the background....really?!?  Like what the hell is wrong with you people??

I'll be damned if I ever fall for that lie about you being a product of your environment.  I grew up in some pretty shitty neighborhoods and not once did I say "Mommy when I grow up I wanna work the pole," or "I think I'ma go out on the blade when I get older".

Instead of dancing like that or taking flicks what about coloring books and spending time with your little girls and show them what real love is?  How bout you give them lil girls some damn Barbies or a jump rope and stop trying to corrupt them with your hood rat ass ways only attracting Mr. Right Now.  Just because ol' boy slinging some good dick now don't mean he will forever; so just like he'll get tired of you, you'll get tired of his raggedy ass too.  Don't that sound like a match made in heaven for you.

And since all this stuff starts at home how bout you take a look at yourself?  Now I'm not saying dancing like that is wrong, but if your reasoning behind it is to try and trap a dude, well you done fucked up. Look, like I said he'll be with you till he finds someone who can shake it better then you and be able to turn some other tricks.  Learn to love yourself first so you know how to love your own damn kids and stop showing them the 1-2-3's of being some ratchet ass trick before you end up meeting her pimp.  Also, if you feeling a certain kinda way after reading this, well sorry I'm not sorry.... The Truth Always Hurts...

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