Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Basic Bum Bitch

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BASIC BITCH - A bum ass woman who thinks she is high status but really is low status. -If you sing any beyonce song all day erryday, somethin like "upgrade" and ain't nothin upgraded about you since high school in 92, kill yaself, u a basic bitch 
-If you got 5 kids with 5 baby daddys.....yous basic bitch 
-If you take any man on the Maury show knowin u coulda saved the trouble by testin him at the hospital.. yous a basic bitch 

The sad truth about Basic Bum Bitches is that they don't know they are Basic Bum Bitches. These are normally the chicks that have lived in the same hood all there lives, growing up thinking that Atlantic City or Dover Downs was the greatest vacation ever. This is the chick that looks at TV and shakes her head at the ratchet material going on, but she can also relate. This basic chick will support another basic chick or for that matter any woman for anything at all if it's concerning beefing with the father of a child... She can relate...
The Basic Bum Bitch has had sex with AT LEAST 7 guys in the neighborhood and has kids by 2 of them. You know what I'm talking about, the chick that watches EVERY reality show on TV and sides with the dumbest most ratchet bitches on the shows. The chick that will fight in front of her kids, spend her income tax on herself and sell her EBT $50 for $100. How does this ratchet not know she is Basic??? Every example that I'm giving is something I've seen before, how about the Basic Bitch that still bones 2 or all of her baby daddies, she'll even ask her baby daddy for some money in exchange for some bomb top... 
#TEAMBumBitch I'm giving you ways to not allow yourself to fall into the Basic Bitch Trap or at least get out of it. Some chicks are content with just the hood they came up in. The urge to better themselves would be getting pregnant by someone that doesn't live in the neighborhood, but I'm sure they are from another urban area. Being a Basic Bum Bitch isn't only limited to your area though, Halle Berry is a Basic Bitch, WHY? Think about it people, she's the mixed chick everybody wanted to get at, D. Justice got her first, this chick went crazy and bounced, then she had a kid by some other dude, went crazy on him, left with the kid and then she got pregnant again and tied the knot, only to go crazy again, divorce him and die in her only scene in the next X-Men movie. She likes drama, her 2nd baby daddy got smacked up in his own front yard by her 1st baby daddy, now tell me that ain't ratchet behavior...
You need advice, here's what you do... Get a fucking job while your kids are at school, go work at Wal-Mart or something, get some class, for example clean the damn house ALL THE TIME and not just when company comes by, some of you chicks don't clean it then either. Stop letting your baby daddies slay you, that means your convenient, men love convenient, also remember "You can't un-suck a dick". Take a real trip to New York, L.A. or Florida and see what other places are like. You need class and maybe you will notice a change in yourself that will be quickly identified by a different type of man. If you don not take my advice, continue being the Basic Bum Baby Mama you are!!!

About the Author

W. Anthony is a married business man with 5 children between 4 mothers. I am a writer of graphic novels and Co-Founder of an independent website called I look to impress and improve you. I expect you to like and hate me at the same time and I expect to make you laugh.

1 comment:

  1. I like your blog... it is a bit tunnel view though. The "Basic Bum Baby Mama" you speak about is a genius. Yes! I said genius. The view you presented is of a woman that is pathetic, but that is her cover. She knows that immature males are not intimidated by "vulnerable" females. She can trap the immature males into paying her way in life, while she remains debt free and outlive the men she use. So while she appears pathetic and vulnerable to you, all her steps are carefully plotted. She doesn't want a husband, because she hates men. Her hatred is fueled by the abandonment of her father. What she is really doing is exposing the weak men. And this is really why slavery persists. With complaining men, who do want "easy" pussy, and refuse to lead, the white man remains the ideal man. "Easy" pussy is always a trap. Always!


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