Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Trap

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What's up friends, fans and most definitely the haters. Sorry I've been gone for so long, I've been on tour with friends on other projects. Tomorrow is Valentine's day. I honestly don't believe that anyone in love should have to express it totally one day a year. Its a waste of money. I believe Vday should be focused primarily toward new relationships and father's showing their younger daughters how a date should go. Of course that is just how I feel about it, you don't have to agree. I stated this site because I believe women and men make mistakes when it comes tk their children. Some mistakes are more reckless than others, but they are mistakes none the less. I'm not proud of the mistakes I've made, but they have made me a much better man.People hate on how many children/children's moms I have. So what... One thing I know for sure is that my children are well taken care of.

More men have been trapped than women and Vday is one of those days where a ratchet will suck, fuck and beg you to leave it in hoping that in 3-4 later they can tell you they are late for that monthly drip. They might not take that birth control pill or, the worst of all, poke a hole in that condom. To quote Beyonce, this bitch is "drunk in love" or she sees the opportunity to lock down a successful promising man in order to hold them down or hit him for child support down the line.

I hosted a book show a little while back and this chick let her ratchet shown out in front of 40-50 other women. She described how this man she supposedly loved told her that he was done having children and if that was something she really wanted they should just go their separate ways. This broad said "well, I know what to do, I'll just trap him, there is a way." The nerve of this broad. Women constantly say "niggaz ain't shit" but here is a perfect example of why "bitches ain't shit."

Fellas, don't subject yourself to situations like this. If you truly are in love on Vday, get a fucking card or some roses. Don't get this chick cooch too wet to the point you don't pull out or her sex hole becomes her brain and sucks you into the black hole of deception. If a woman truly respects and loves her man she will let it all take its course. So many of these hoes are scared to lose a good dude, they'll try anything possible to keep them. She shouldn't stoop that low, she should have more respect for her eggs. This gives the world even more unnecessary babymama's and babydaddy's.    
Don't let a night of cards and candy turn into a 18 year nightmare...

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