Wednesday, February 19, 2014

She Ain't Your Baby Daddy

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Women often makeup corny ass excuses about why they can't keep a man or even why they won't look for one. For starters the club is not where you will find the man of your dreams that's the WEAK BITCH MENTALITY.  As a woman you should put yourself first, never someone else. Women have made it easy for a man to do what he wants, but then complains about it to someone else maybe a best friend maybe or maybe even a mother but always ending the sentence with "but I need him though." A lot of women with children do this because they really don't have time to go out and find something better,  that's bogus. This woman finally gets tired and lazy and decides to deal with a woman, REALLY. .. Using this whack ass reason, ain't no good men out here but simple b**** you never expanded your horizons and nowadays gay girls a running like water.

This post might be one of my favorites because it deals with common sense more than anything else. Let me first say that I had no problem with gay people at all I think people put too much emphasis on it at times. If you play video games please check out our most recent United Fanboyz post about gays in video games, but anyway, I've always said that their life is there life. My issue is with these lazy lesbos.  Lazy lesbos are women who are too lazy to look for a good man so they say f*** it and deal with the first Mannie Fresh looking chick they see at the club. What you all fail to realize is that it could have an effect on your child or children. I know what you say, "we different, it ain't even like that." "My baby comfortable all the time." Right. Heard that before.

Listen, butch gay women are not baby daddy's.  I actually laughed in this ratchets face for saying it. That is sooo ratchet. To think that by leaving a relationship with a man to be with a woman that looks like a man, tries to act like a man and keeps between a 8 and 12 inch strap-on under the mattress is a common sense movie, well that is just crazy. It just shows how insecure you are with yourself and your efforts. You think you are the different one out of the bunch, right.. Get back to real life and understand that you decide who is good enough, be strong and stop letting what you see in the streets and  on tv influence your sexual lifestyle. Are you even putting the children first? ?? Are you cool with a "butchie" calling herself your baby daddy???

Closing, you are the woman, let's be real you have the vagina so to a point you call the shots. Stop being so weak, you're not even vulnerable, your just lazy. That is not Spartan behavior. You know how many men look at you and wonder why you are with another chick? Take from this what you will, the fact that you quit on the men shows a lack of your will. Stop being ratchet and go get the dick back.

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W. Anthony is a married business man with 5 children between 4 mothers. I am a writer of graphic novels and Co-Founder of an independent website called I look to impress and improve you. I expect you to like and hate me at the same time and I expect to make you laugh.


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