Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Racist Baby Mama

By B-More Banner   Posted at  10:37 AM   Youtube 4 comments

It comes a time in a man's life when he gets tired of dealing with his ratchet ass baby mama. Maybe he is tired of her attitude, maybe he's tired of the way she continues to live the dead beat life, regardless of his efforts to help her. This is a normal thing, all men don't leave for nothing, only some... here's where it gets sticky, some baby mama's are jealous, I'm sure you read the The Jealous Type post. It takes the father to make a better decision on who he plans to date or if he even decides to date at all.

What if this man decides to date a woman of another race? Let's say a white woman. Now I didn't say he made a change to white women all together, but he decides to give it a shot. When you're dealing with a ratchet baby mama, odds are she is going to hate HARD... The first thing out that chick mouth is "He left me for some white bitch." And what makes it even worse is that she is going to hate on that white woman ridiculously. Check the video out below:

Now regardless of what most of you chicks that dislike this video would say, she does speak the truth. In 50-100 years not many people will be just black or white or whatever. Everyone will be mixed with something. I saw this on Tommy Sotomayor's YouTube and had to post it. But the most important question I have is Why is all the hate focused toward the white woman only? Why not the Spanish, Chinese or Indian woman? When you walk through the mall, you usually see the single black women turning their nose up at the black man with the white woman and not the black man with any other race. What is that???

I had this dumb broad tell me that she don't have a problem with black men and dominican women because their basically the same race, I looked at her with the "You dumb bitch face." If you are going to hate on one interracial relationship, you have to hate on them all, but you shouldn't do this anyway, it just shows how stupid and shallow you are. It shows that you couldn't keep your man and that's why he's where he is now.

Deal with it dummy, you dug your own hole. I won't call it racism today, I'll call it Bitchism... Step your game up and be a better person, maybe your black man wouldn't have left your ratchet ass.

Comments, Questions???

About the Author

W. Anthony is a married business man with 5 children between 4 mothers. I am a writer of graphic novels and Co-Founder of an independent website called unitedfanboyz.com. I look to impress and improve you. I expect you to like and hate me at the same time and I expect to make you laugh.


  1. U know nothing about why that women went though or is currently going though. So on that note FUCK U WITH A SICK DICK. That I really hope doesn't kill u lol. BE NICER. Maybe if u wasn't a dog or u treated your queen right she would still B Your Queen . JERK
    that I pray doesn't kill u

    1. lls! I don't understand the comment, and would you happen to know anything about what that woman is going through?

  2. You are a bitter judgemental asshole. Please do not continue to place all black women in one category. Yes there are ratchet ghetto uncivilized black women out there, but that goes for different races too, depending on their background and how they were raised. I hope you know that. However, judging by your posts, they are all aimed at black women. There are good women and men out their too. And I say WOMEN and MEN because this type of baby mamma baby daddy thing happens in all races. The fact that it is more publicised in the black race only fuels the existing stereotype and negativity placed on the black people. Black people are an easy target. In fact, minorities in general are easy targets. I've already been judged just because of the stereotypes associated with my race. I can only pray that my children( both born in wedlock) aren't judged as well. I applaud your growth as a human being in regards to your fatherhood. However this type of blog is not helping. Your blog is nothing more that an outlet for your bitterness anger and hatred towards women of color born from your own hardships with them. This blog is not the solution or answer. It is part of the problem.

    1. I didn't see anywhere where the author put all black woman in 1 category. So why doesn't this blog help anyone? It's centered around more than one race.


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