Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I Ain't Sayin She A Gold Digger

By William Windley   Posted at  2:11 PM   Ratchet No comments

... But she only fuck paid niggaz...

The term "Gold Digger" has been used to describe many types of women. From the 22 year old aspiring model marrying the 50 year old movie star with a drinking problem to the bad ass ratchet chick that got her gear tight only to open her legs for the dude at the club with the most money... The list goes on and on. For you guys out there that can't or refuse to notice the signs that you will soon become a baby daddy for money only... This is for you.

He might be mature, but that money he spent on them Red Bottoms and that Dolce couture form fitting dress is what is more mature than he. You wouldn't believe the shit I've seen where these young ass girls hound these old fellas, sugar daddies and grave callers into the web of wet pussy and mouth skills. All these chicks gotta do is hit the dishes once a week and his old ass will possibly wife you. Then we get to the chicks that go out with their homegirls to find the Benz and Audis in the lot that they could be eventually freaking in by the end of the week or for that matter, the night. Money is king to bitches with this mentality, they don't mind catching the gizz of a potential $500-$700 child support check. But lets get into the thick of it.

Fellas, you MUST understand a woman knows within the first 5 minutes of meeting you if she'll give you the ass, it's a fact. Your attitude says it all. If your attitude says I stay fresh, I drive a nice car and I get money, a Gold Digger will use the Jedi Mind Trick to pull you close to her. As a man, you should know the difference, stop thinking with the other head... In the hood, you have the chicks that have babies by drug dealers, not realizing that if this dude gets knocked, its over for you. No child support, no nice car and crib, just food stamps and letters to and from prison. Ratchets never think situations like that through because they are infatuated with one thing... The money, the love MIGHT come later.

It's definitely rules to this... If women don't follow them, why should you??? Imagine one woman, 3 exes, all drug dealers, 1 dead, 2 in prison... Damn... I'm sure I might have one of you reading this now!!! lol, your fault. Imagine a 60 year old man and you think you'll inherit his money, however he wants you to sign a prenup. What do you do? He might croak tomorrow, ya'll ain't having kids, you will get no fortune. All that hard work, dick suc'n and Viagra for nothing... What a shame. How does it feel to be in this situation? Are you a failure? What's next? Please, tell me, I would like to know.

Now understand ladies, you deserve nice things and to live well, BUT, you deserve these things by dating, not by politikin' for wealthy men. Build your dynasty together. And if you feel like you need nice things in a hurry, get a fuc'n job and get it yourself. Guys, stop being manipulated by these hoes, your embarrassing yourself and shortening your wallet. Pussy is not a gift, stop paying for it.

Fellas, step your shit up before you have kids by this ghetto monkey so she can exploit you for your money. Ladies, stop being so fuc'n triflin'. In a nutshell... Question??? Comment???

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