Saturday, November 2, 2013

Where's My Ring???

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So, today I'll touch on unwed mothers, but not just normal unwed moms, unwed moms with multiple children by the same man.... This will be a pretty interesting post for me. I have a friend from high school, really nice girl, I'll refuse to call her dumb or ratchet, but she is misguided. Why? She still believes she'll get the ring. She believes she'll get the ring because she has three children with him. Mind you, we graduated in the late 90's. For the man involved, she is convenient. It will never happen. The reason it will never happen is because she's never put him in the position to want to be married to her. I'll explain.

Based on The Huffington Post, unwed childbirth is on the rise and 62% of women between the ages of 20-25 who had recently given birth were unmarried. Now look at my friend, she's in her 30's now. And even though the percentage is slightly lower, it's still higher than last year and the year before. Ole boy has been comfortable in that cooch for a long time, she's never showed him how sturdy she could be, but to her friends she is the most loyal and driven person in the crew, she would be a great wife, but here's why she won't in my eyes... She's soft, he could come in the house today or tomorrow and knock her up again, that is unless her tubes are tied now.

She has never given this man any type of ultimatum and whats worse is when she decides to do so, it'll be too late. This nigga will bounce.... QUICK... He feels you all are good, you been his bm for 13 years, why mess that up with marriage??? I can't say I feel sorry for you friend, I can say that if you do find another man and he's willing to commit, with your children, you'll lock him down ASAP... Won't you?

As I close out I'll say, "Women... To avoid being a baby mama for the rest of your life, put your foot down before 13 years pass." I really don't have much else to say, I think it's common sense. Now if you cool with that, then that's totally up to you, I won't kill your vibe at all. Any comments, do what you do.

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