Monday, November 4, 2013

The Homey Hopper

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I had a circle coming up. It was about 8 of us, we called each other brothers or cousins. There was a bond there that could not be broken for a time. You know once you get out and living new life things change, and that circle might dwindle down to 4, if you are lucky then 5. But getting away from that. Let's say there was this one bad ass chick we all knew and we called her our "homegirl"... She was cool as shit, she smoked, she drank and she would even fight for you, BUT... She sucked 6 out 8 of the dicks in the circle, she may have boned about 4. DAMN!!! Is she still considered your friend or is she just this slut ya'll be smashing??? 
A go-hard chick like, let's say her name was Tonya, wouldn't look at this as being a tramp later in her life. Why? Because she was just kickin it with the homies and one thing led to another. Some guys would say she wasn't a tramp because they never ran the train on her, to each their own. Here's the fun part, what if one of the guys that never got the ass or the head pops up and decides to make this chick his sho-nuff woman, like we getting married, like we already had a baby together? Oh and check this out, he knows the past... How would you, the reader, look at him? 
I'm sorry, I'm sure everyone can change, you get older and more mature, but if she hit all the homies, how many partners do you think she has had in between and after? And I'm almost certain fuc'n is like throwing a penny down a hallway... This could possibly be a 50/50 debate, some woman may say it's no problem, while others would call her a ratchet bitch. Here's what is the positive, the child won't really ever know about this, I hope... As a friend what do you tell your boy when he says he wants to marry this chick? "Dude, you sure you wanna do this?" What, lol, that's a fight waiting to happen. How does Tonya act around the crew now?

I think it's a problem, it will not work. Women are grimey as fuck too, and regardless of her title to you, once she get back around the boys, she may crack slick with one of them. Now 75% of the men that get put in a situation like this would say no, but the other 25%, you dudes are a disgrace to friendship... HAHAHA, what am I saying, she's a slut... But you get what I'm trying to say...

Closing, it's no fun to marry a chick that your boys smashed already. You'll always look at her as sneaky and if beef kicks off she becomes the biggest slut on the planet. Chicks can do one of two things, 1 is if you already know the history, don't fuck up the future and 2 don't fuck the crew. Men, just don't be so fucking stupid into thinking that a woman that has let 5 of your boys smash will be 100% loyal to you, I mean will you trust it??? Questions, Comment? Do what you do.

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W. Anthony is a married business man with 5 children between 4 mothers. I am a writer of graphic novels and Co-Founder of an independent website called I look to impress and improve you. I expect you to like and hate me at the same time and I expect to make you laugh.


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