Friday, November 1, 2013

The Bitch-Made Daddy

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Touching on this subject will be easy and gratifying as well, why? Because if you didn't think you were Bitch Made you may be in for a shock today. I gave a definition of the Bitch Made Nigga in the drama tab. The problem with this guy is the fact that he gives basically all fathers a bad name and might even make some chicks go fiddle around with these Manny Fresh looking bitches!!! lol, seriously, have you guys never noticed that most butch gay women look like Manny Fresh with dreads!?!? Anyway, this is a story I've seen a lot and here's how you deal with it for future reference ladies.

  • BE INTELLIGENT - Don't let this guy charm your underwear off of you with a few gangsta lines about being locked up, in the trap or turning up every chance he gets... That's that ratchet shit right there. If a man can win you off of lines like this, you deserve some of the struggle you go through. Play ref with these dudes, let them know that you run the show and that you have a shred of intel in you. What makes men flock to you? Your dumb or easy.
  • INTERVIEW - This guy should NOT be blowing your guts out after the first phone call, not even the third. If you play your cards right you can know more about a person than what side of town they live in and the dick size. Interview this clown.
  • STRAP UP - If you made it passed the first 2 steps than this is all you need to do now to avoid disaster. You know he ain't right, but you blamed it on the liquor. You know he ain't right, but you wanted a quickie in the car... To avoid mishap, STRAP UP! 
Women always claim to "Not give any fucks" now, but that's total bs. Everyone, in one shape or another, gives a fuck about what a mass amount of people think about them cuz bitch you ain't famous. You can't just wake up and say I'm worth $2,000,000.00. And getting prego by that dude is a definite dummy move. Once your DUMB ass is pregnant you then realize how much smarter you could have been. Too late now. Now your constantly filing child support papers hoping this dude gets a job, but oh yeah, he in da trap. Ain't no paychecks for the trap. No calls from him or anyone he knows, you are now at stat... And in your mind, now all men ain't shit because of a dumb ass move you made.

In closing I'll say that these steps should help you accomplish a lot, it's common sense, but I know when it comes to intercourse it may be complicated. Don't let the father of your first child be the reason you hate and don't trust men. Any questions, Do what you do.

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