Sunday, November 17, 2013

Single Mama Drama

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Today I want to address single mothers that hide their children... if you have not read Solving Single by G.L. Lambert I think you should. This book is for any woman and it allows you to either get the ring and keep it or improve your relationship through methods of ones past and seeing the struggles of others close by. G.L. Lambert is also the creator and author of, the true creator of the word ratchet to describe loose women. Check it out.

From a fathers stand point I want to give my thoughts on a chapter in this great book that is available on Amazon and in Barnes and Noble. The chapter is "Single Mama Drama." This is important to me because I have a child by a woman that already had a child before I came into the picture. But this is more focused toward the simple minded baby mama that needs help managing her so called situation.

Are men afraid to date women with a child or children with multiple me? Hmmm, I wasn't, but honestly I was a slut, however a lot of men would be based on two things, baby daddy drama and time with your chick. But you  got these ratchet ass broads that parade around at the store or the club looking for new penis to experiment on and they use the Don't ask Don't tell approach. All men don't look at children as baggage unless of course the mother does. These are a lot of the chicks between 20-28 years old that still want to party and show that ass.

Just like women come a dime a dozen, men come just the same, but you hoes never broaden your horizons and look, your too stuck at the hood clubs and lounges that allow people with hats and boots or tennis to enter,  no class. Don't whine because you can't find a man, smack yourself because you don't think outside that little itty bitty box.

If a woman is not mature enough to control baby daddy drama or drama as a whole then she shouldn't have had kids nor should she be dating, she needs to get her shit in order first. Men will openly admit to being a hoe, why can't a woman? Because a man is the key, the woman has the lock, no one lock should be able to be opened by a million keys, it defeats the purpose of the lock all together.

This is probably one of my nicer posts, I usually have raw ignorant shit to say, stay tuned... Closing I'll say this, to hide your child for penis or attention makes you even more of a ratchet, check yourself before your in LA getting vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

Questions,  comments? Do what you do.

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