Thursday, November 28, 2013

She Did It By Accident

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Sorry I been gone so long guys, I don't like doing stuff like that, especially when I have so much more new material. This one here really bothers me though. So I'm on Twitter and my godbro sent me a direct message saying "Dude you gotta see this", and attached was a link.

Where do I start??? What has the world come to when it's cool for your own mama to dumb you out online like that, knowing that everything goes viral... All your daughter's friends will know, all your friends will know because you seem like a pretty ratchet bitch to me. And of course EVERYBODY else will know... What would you want to bet that her mom is about 30-32 years old easy???

Let's just be honest, why are you blasting your daughter online when I'm pretty sure when you were 15-16 years old you were smashing me or one of my boys, maybe even both. 

It's a sad truth that no one can get away from, this is nothing new. All you wanna be do good mamas that swear down you raising your kids right and preaching that "Don't have sex til you in love or married" shit don't work. The average age of a woman losing their virginity is 15 years old.

I'm pretty sure this little girl's mother is single, more than likely a straight-up baby mama. I don't think a good mother would ever do her child like that. I'm pretty sure pops is out of the picture, shit, even if he is in the picture that might not deter a young girl from having sex. Peer pressure and/or general experimentation is a major thing in a young girls life. I'm not mad at the girl, she's probably acting like her mom or some of her ratchet ass friends, it happens. My problem is with the mom, this bitch... After this situation I would move to a relatives crib and change my name and schools.

In every post I do I point out not only the shit that dumb ass mothers do but the dumb shit fathers do as well. To be honest, I don't think a father that was even 10% involved in this girls life would do something to her like this, it's too embarrassing to the father. 

I end by saying to all you mothers that saw this and laughed, I hate your guts...

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