Sunday, November 3, 2013

Baby Mamas Having LOVE & HIP-HOP

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Remember the post I did recently called "Where's My Ring"? It talked about these dumb ass baby mamas not putting their foot down and making these niggas commit. It makes me realize that when Love & Hip-Hop hit the scene, as wack and fake as that shit was, that "Baby Mama Gene" still existed. Watch the video above.

Some of my female friends (80's Babies) are dumb as shit when it comes to their baby daddies, but these 90's babies, my god... Younger chicks (90's babies) see Love & Hip-Hop and thinks that being a baby mama is the best a black woman can become since the institution of marriage has become so damaged. TV makes it almost acceptable to stay in that role.

In a previous post I said when a baby mama decides to put her foot down after 10 years, the man will leave. His comfort has ended. This is 80% your fault. Don't blame the man, blame yourself. All I'm saying is don't let what a fake Stevie J does on a ratchet ass show dictate your future with your baby daddy. You'll be so comfortable that you will allow the side-bitch.

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