Thursday, October 31, 2013

Where's My Time

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Someone suggested I make this post and I had no problem with it because I am living through it right now. The question was "What do I do when I want to spend time with my kids and she always got some excuse and/or only wants to do it on her time?" Let me start by saying that I won't go on a rant because I'm being fair. Every man that takes care of his child financially, with child support or not, has the right to spend time with his children, and a Baby Mama should welcome that like she welcomes new niggas into her life. A good friend of mine, Mikey, told me his story and I begged him to put it on so I could express my feelings on it.

Mikey met this girl in the mall that he was attracted to. They spoke on the phone quite a bit before they hooked up. When they hooked up, they never went anywhere, they never ate. She came to the house at about 9pm and left whenever. About 2 months in she finds out that she is prego. He asked her, what she wanted to do, she flipped out on him as to say he was trying to hint at her getting an abortion. They texted back and forth, but never met up anymore. Eventually, all contact stopped. He explained that about two years later, he saw her in the mall with a little girl and instead of walking up to her, he walked away. He saw her again in the parking lot but this time she saw him too! She walked over to him with this little girl and said "I saw you in the mall earlier." and then "This is your daughter, she's pretty right?" Mikey really didn't say much, he did ask her where she has been, she answered "New York, I had her in Brooklyn, I'm just coming back here recently to stay." One year later court papers arrived.

The court papers I'm referring to are the child support hearing papers. Understanding and confusion works together in this instance. Here's a man that knew something would eventually come up and was prepared to do his job when it did, but it didn't go that way at all. Mikey went to court and got the DNA test first, that came back 99.998% You Are The Father! And then the immediate court hearing came, they shredded this man with no lawyer to pieces. She got the highest amount of child support possible and it didn't matter that she never contacted him or that for two years he didn't know he was the father. It didn't matter, he has to pay two years back child support. This has already hurt the Father/Daughter relationship. Every man hates for people to think the only reason they spend time with their kids is when they have to pay child support. That relationship should have been built on love and respect, not the judge and the gavel.

His daughter is not allowed to spend the night and if any of his family is around she can't come... When they meet it has to be at a McDonalds or some mall. This is so disrespectful. This is almost exactly what I went through minus a few things. IF A MAN WANTS TO SPEND TIME WITH HIS CHILD, HE CAN DO SO WHENEVER THE F*** HE LIKES... You bitches are going to have the children hating the fathers over some dumb shit you got tucked away. So you wanted this baby, but now you don't want to give this man the opportunity to love his child too? Idiots... I'm sure it'll be a bunch of you reading this and if you notice your brow muscles starting to ache F*** YOU...

I'll close like this, there is coming a time where children need to know both their mother and father. Especially a father that wants to be there. It's going to work against you if you don't let your child call or see their dad. Especially when your child is old enough to listen and understand, because that's when dad WILL talk and when he does, your child will make you pay for the time they missed with dad. You are going to hate hearing them say daddy so much. Stop being a ratchet and let that man be with his kids...

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