Monday, February 22, 2016

What You Forgot About Your Spouse

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Hello everyone, I'm back with another one. I can't really say I apologize for being absent at the moment, who knows, maybe this one will get soooo many likes that I have to continue on a steady pace. This is a really important subject to me, being that I've seen it and lived some of it as well. We talking marriage and children today. You'll catch on later. First off, I want to thank you all for joining me once again after all this time. I have a question for you. What have you forgotten about your spouse???

The definition of a spouse to all you ratchets out there that didn't know marriage existed, is a husband or wife, considered in relation to their partner, your mate or your better half. I've been doing alot of reading over the past few months, to the point that I haven't even really been updating my main website, BUT, the information that I have received is enough to give you definitive answers to some of those great spouse questions. Who do you LOVE??? The worst of the worst is throwing the word LOVE around like a football thrown by Peyton Manning. Why are you married? Because you are in LOVE? For the CHILDREN? or Do you even have a clue, maybe it was for the best dickin' down you've ever had in your life. Who knows... But what I will do today is show you the worst things you can do to your spouse and how you can make it better.

If you don't know my bio, please go back and do the research, the fact that I've seen so much IS NOT AN UNDERSTATEMENT. I have another question for you, what is the one thing you don't want to lose in your "Better Half"? Love, Money, Kids or the SEX? If none of these are your answer, please post below, I'd love to see it. I was reading 'She Divorced Me Because I Left The Dishes By The Sink', and initially I laughed, but after giving extra thought, it seriously pissed me off, not the writer himself, but the situation he was in. One thing that stuck out to me was when he said "Men are not children, even if we behave like them" AND "Being respected by others is important to men." This is all true, and women sometimes don't care or just do it out of spite. And this is where I begin.

One of the worst things you can do to your husband is treat them like the past never mattered or never even happened, it's very hurtful to men that have at one point been the backbone of that very union, When men face trials and tribulations, it's not up to your wife to shit on you and bad mouth you based on a failure or a shortcoming. ESPECIALLY, if you've always made it your business to hold the fort down. When your spouse treats you like All Of A Sudden they can do much better, not realizing that you are BETTER based on your relationship with your spouse is puzzling to me. What you 2 have built together, whether its a home or children, is what made you fall even more in love. The fact that you've given each other gifts that no one else can give, like your children, your home and more. Understand when I say "that no one else can give" means You can't have the same child twice or you can get the same gifts, but they mean so much more from that ONE individual that loved you most.


Are you with me??? I'm no psychic, I don't know exactly what my wife says to anyone, but I have enough confidence to know that it won't go there and that's a problem that no one wants. There is no doubt in my mind that every married man or woman has this same thought. Don't allow anyone else to have the satisfaction of putting "THE SMILE" on your spouses face. I know wives that don't give 2 shits and will throw that pussy at dudes if there husbands say I Love You the wrong way. It's a cold world out here. I know a wife that will shoot on her husband for playing video games, but it's cool for them to be in love with Love & Hip-Hop, HWOA and the worst of all, Basketball Wives. Please... Tell me what is worse. The fact that another way dads can interact with his children is through video games SHOULD be a plus. Now, a guy like me, I've had the short end of the stick a few times. I'm no longer a true athlete after an injury in 2008, I really try not to do much but be a family man in 2016, where the women act like dudes with hard dick and alot of these guys out here act straight bitch. There is an epidemic.

Now, I found this video cool, Pastor took up for his sexy dressing wife. Your spouse is the one you talk to about anything. Husbands, please don't allow your wife to disrespect your morals and tell you what you are doing wrong based on something they read a week ago. I BELIEVE IN GOD... Yes, there is a God and I'm God-Fearing, but I'm also my own man, and I don't need you FORCING your beliefs on me when you haven't even read 35% of whatever Bible you've snipped from. And FAITH is not the only thing you need to be successful, you need more. This is no knock on Religion, not at all, it's the people you have to worry about. Wives, have you ever asked your husband what they absolutely can't stand about you? If you have and he responded, did an argument ensue? If it did, these are the type of arguments you want, it brings better understanding to your love and Make-Up Sex is wonderful, but always remember, If and when you make a change, your spouse needs to be on the same page.

Don't let your children see you discouraged and hurt. It happens from time to time, your human, but don't make it constant. When you argue in front of the children on the regular, it makes the kids think that this is what married people do and that begins a trend of daughter arguing with dad, because mom did it. Wives, understand that your man doesn't want to do as much as you do, but they want to be respected enough to do what they want to do sometime. I have a friend that only went out 4 times last year without his wife on his arm. She always wanted him at home or out with her, but come to find out she was fucking another dude, but they are still married, he kept his wife, the wife that kept him on lockdown in the house and then when he was out she was fucking the pool guy... He stayed because he was IN LOVE, nothing else but that, but I guarantee at the drop of a dime, she would bounce on ole boy. It's not cool.

In marriages, you still can learn something new everyday. But, if your wife wants to leave you for leaving dishes on the counter, that bitch didn't deserve to be a wife... It's way more serious shit out here. So people, husbands, wives, babymamas and babydaddies, get your shit together, continue to support your love with the best of your ability, everything will work out, Why? Because you won't allow it to fail.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Your Sons Are Being Taken

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Hello all, it's been a long time, and for my dedicated fans, THANK YOU for waiting on me. I write in 2 other blogs and I haven't had the time to post on my most informal site, which is not good. Hopefully I can make up for it today.

So, I watched the 2015 VMA's on MTV last night. What the fuck was going on last night people??? Miley Cyrus hosted, which I honestly had no problem with. There was much more to pay attention to last night. Like Kim K looking like the Penguin from Tim Burton's Batman Returns to She-Males dancing around on stage like it's the PRIDE parade in Fells Point, Baltimore. Now, I have no problem with your sexual preference, that's all you, but there are some things that I don't agree with about that show. From Taylor Swift saying lil boys should be princesses to Kanye running for POTUS in 2020... 

The sad thing about all of this is that NO ONE knows how bad of a problem we have in the US today... Where a black man or woman can be killed in the street or in a jail cell, but the white woman leading the police on a 25 minute LOW-SPEED chase is actually able to get out of her car and dance like she's in the club, twerking and what not, before the police even approaches... That's a big problem. The fact that when you see the tremendous murder rates in countless cities in America, that not only do you have to worry about the police killing your children, but you also have to worry about social media outlets and various TV Awards shows stealing your sons and daughters from you too. There are so-called MEN that run around dressing like Vicky Secret models encouraging your sons to do the same. I have 2 sons, 12 & 2 years old. The fact that both of my sons can talk, sing & dance, gives me every reason NOT to let them watch the VMA's. It's always the lasting impression of the father that gets left out of the discussion these days. What the VMA's did this year was beat the continuous drum in your ear that being gay, dressing like women and having females beef with each other is ok... Listen people, a gay person will be gay regardless, they don't need help from award ceremonies. The awards are supposed to be a celebration of great artists, instead it's the opportunity to talk the masses into being COY or very soft... Will I be upset if my sons come to me later down the line and say that they are gay? NO & YES.. No, because you, as a person, has the right to love whatever you want, except the Steelers or Redskins, and Yes, because in the back of your mind you feel like you could have done a better job as a father. But guess what??? That has nothing to do with it, it's what they want and feel... Just be a proud parent, but what I don't need is award ceremonies broadcasting it like it a new Fruity Pebbles commercial.

GO LISTEN TO THE ORIGINAL BLUEPRINT... KRS-ONE... or Guerillas in Tha Mist by Da Lench Mob.. The music influences how we treat each other. With SOCIAL MEDIA at a ridiculous high and it's way too much, the music and videos you see has some type of feminine aura about it. I'm truly considering taking my family to Amsterdam. The BEST music out here is J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Big Sean, yep, Big Sean. BUT... What the powers that be want you to see is ^^^^^... AND listen to Young Thug... Let me teach guys, this is where my MOTHERS & FATHERS come in to play. Alot of people will have a difficult time agreeing with me and my views on this new generation of parents and children, but let me quote something for you.

In 1989, Author A. Ralph Epperson wrote "The New World Order" which has explained alot of the shit that's happening today.

"The old world is coming to an end. It will be replaced with a new way of doing things. The new world will be called the "New World Order."This new structuring will re-distribute property from the "have" nations and will give it to the "have- not" nations. The New World Order will include changes in: The Family: Homosexual marriages will be legalized, parents will not be allowed to raise their children (the state will) all women will be employed by the state and not allowed to be "homemakers", divorce will become ex-ceedingly easy and monogymous marriage will be slowly phased out, The Workplace: The government will become the owner of all of the factors of production, the private ownership of property will be outlawed, Religion: Religion will be outlawed and believers will be either eliminated or imprisoned, there will be a new religion: the worship of man and his mind, all will believe in the new religion."

I extend this invite to ALL my young mothers and fathers, DO NOT fall into the trap... Pay attention to everything, READ... Don't watch FOX (racism)  and understand that the police WILL kill young black people and think there is justification. Child Support is not help, it's a way out... The system owns you now. Stop being lazy and work. Make better decisions and you won't be mentioned as ratchet & stupid...

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Are White Women Better BabyMama's?

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Sorry for the ridiculous delay. I want to thank all of you that continued to read and like BabyMama Critique. I'm happy to be back to give you valuable information about being a better mother or father, as well as establishing a good relationship with your child{ren}. Today's topic is a pretty critical subject. It deals with race. The question I ask you is "Are White Women Better BabyMama's"?

Back in the day a black man dating a white woman was frowned upon, even as lately as 2010. Almost 80% of white women who date black men say it's an experience they would definitely want to continue. I felt like this was a great time to do this because of the tension of innocent young black men being killed by white police. Now, I don't hate all police for this situation, but it definitely shows that race still plays a major part in justice and crime. I mean any time a black woman shoots in the sky she could get 20 years in prison, but Zimmerman kills Treyvon Martin and gets off free... But, I will still hang on that, this is about men and women in relationships.

White women used to hate having a FAT (Phat) ass. They despised a small 5 lb weight gain, because they always thought it made them unattractive, and it's sad to say that white women concentrate more on their looks than any other race. Meanwhile, black women are on the cover of popular magazines like InStyle, Cosmo and Glamour trying to look like the white women with too much make-up and straight hair down to their asses. That is strange to me... Today white women with curves is something they put effort into. Wearing yoga pants EVERYWHERE! Flirting a bit more and doing certain exercises to make that ass worth drooling over. That is what a man wants, in particular the black man.

I did a post a while back that basically informs the majority that in 60-80 everyone will be a mixed race. A young woman stated that she has the right to date a black man and now that she is dating, she gravitates to the black man. She explains that she gets dirty looks from black women when she is out on a date with a black man. Now, that dirty look usually comes from a black, boring ratchet woman.Might already be a BabyMama and doesn't want to see any relationship prosper, especially with a white chick.

There are some outstanding single black mothers, but then it's not. Some black women want to continue fucking their baby father and when dude finds another chick, this hoe all in her feelings. There is a reason why you are not together, but the sex might be a 10 1/2. Understand what it is ladies, if this is a way to keep him around his child, I think you are going about this in terrible way. It causes you heartbreak, hell, you might be setting the trap to get pregnant again.

The reason white women can handle an interracial relationship is quite simple... She doesn't complain and she'll try anything you want sexually. Even after she has a child with a black man, she won't be a pest, she doesn't want your money and she'll still do anything for you. Especially between the ages of 26-38. I prefer the black woman, however I do have children with another race. There is definitely a difference in attitude between the two of these women, one is very difficult, she is the woman that cares nothing about your relationship with your child, but makes up nonsense why you couldn't. The other has grown into a great person. It wasn't always cool, but now I can talk to her anytime about my daughter and anything "Fanboyz" related.

My advice would be to the men, step your game up. Don't get caught in the trap. The decision on who is a better BabyMama, well that is to each their own. Which would you say, and why? Thank you for reading, I'll be back soon with new material.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Farver's Day

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Today is that day to celebrate men that made children, father figures and almighty God or whatever faith you believe. My posts are not nice, and this one will not be either, but what I want to do is throw a Father's Day salute to those that deserve it. Now...

I hate reading Twitter, Facebook and IG posts on Father's Day speaking on how niggaz ain't shit or "Happy Father's Day to me because I do both jobs", I'm speaking from the mother's perspective. You don't do both jobs and you are not a man and/or Father, you are just a great mother. Get over yourself... I love mothers. Really I do, I have children by 4. Yeah that's right, hate, call them ratchet, call me ratchet,  I could give a shit because we all know what it is.  SUC IT..

What I don't respect is a woman who constantly disrespects a man who wants to be a lasting and loving impression in their children's life, how can you take credit for "being the mother and the father," when you don't get the concept. Totally disrespectful. It's called Father's Day, not Single Mother's Day... I need the baby daddy bashing to stop today... If he's such a fucking loser, guess what??? You had sex with and procreated with his bum ass? So basically you‘re no good, RIGHT??? Bashing him does not make you look better, it makes you look bitter. Grow up, that shit is Ratchet…
I believe that there are great mothers everywhere in this world, I've also seen mothers who disrespect, fight and humiliate their children but then have the nerve to bash a man that she took downtown for child support for spite... And this is the same woman that has the nerve to say she does the job of a mother & a father and she wants to be acknowledged for. Right!!! 

Men, it's up to you to be the good father you want to be, stop seeing your sons murdered, stop seeing your daughter's pregnant at 14 years old. Stop thinking that all a bitch has to do is take you to court and take your rights away. You always have duties, aside from the court system. Stop being a bitch, step up, show some balls. You are being labeled as no good parents because you have screen names like Fux_Ya_Life & Murda_Da_Crip1. Do you blame the people??? Do your job or continue to build a wasteland.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Basic Bum Bitch

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BASIC BITCH - A bum ass woman who thinks she is high status but really is low status. -If you sing any beyonce song all day erryday, somethin like "upgrade" and ain't nothin upgraded about you since high school in 92, kill yaself, u a basic bitch 
-If you got 5 kids with 5 baby daddys.....yous basic bitch 
-If you take any man on the Maury show knowin u coulda saved the trouble by testin him at the hospital.. yous a basic bitch 

The sad truth about Basic Bum Bitches is that they don't know they are Basic Bum Bitches. These are normally the chicks that have lived in the same hood all there lives, growing up thinking that Atlantic City or Dover Downs was the greatest vacation ever. This is the chick that looks at TV and shakes her head at the ratchet material going on, but she can also relate. This basic chick will support another basic chick or for that matter any woman for anything at all if it's concerning beefing with the father of a child... She can relate...
The Basic Bum Bitch has had sex with AT LEAST 7 guys in the neighborhood and has kids by 2 of them. You know what I'm talking about, the chick that watches EVERY reality show on TV and sides with the dumbest most ratchet bitches on the shows. The chick that will fight in front of her kids, spend her income tax on herself and sell her EBT $50 for $100. How does this ratchet not know she is Basic??? Every example that I'm giving is something I've seen before, how about the Basic Bitch that still bones 2 or all of her baby daddies, she'll even ask her baby daddy for some money in exchange for some bomb top... 
#TEAMBumBitch I'm giving you ways to not allow yourself to fall into the Basic Bitch Trap or at least get out of it. Some chicks are content with just the hood they came up in. The urge to better themselves would be getting pregnant by someone that doesn't live in the neighborhood, but I'm sure they are from another urban area. Being a Basic Bum Bitch isn't only limited to your area though, Halle Berry is a Basic Bitch, WHY? Think about it people, she's the mixed chick everybody wanted to get at, D. Justice got her first, this chick went crazy and bounced, then she had a kid by some other dude, went crazy on him, left with the kid and then she got pregnant again and tied the knot, only to go crazy again, divorce him and die in her only scene in the next X-Men movie. She likes drama, her 2nd baby daddy got smacked up in his own front yard by her 1st baby daddy, now tell me that ain't ratchet behavior...
You need advice, here's what you do... Get a fucking job while your kids are at school, go work at Wal-Mart or something, get some class, for example clean the damn house ALL THE TIME and not just when company comes by, some of you chicks don't clean it then either. Stop letting your baby daddies slay you, that means your convenient, men love convenient, also remember "You can't un-suck a dick". Take a real trip to New York, L.A. or Florida and see what other places are like. You need class and maybe you will notice a change in yourself that will be quickly identified by a different type of man. If you don not take my advice, continue being the Basic Bum Baby Mama you are!!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

She Ain't Your Baby Daddy

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Women often makeup corny ass excuses about why they can't keep a man or even why they won't look for one. For starters the club is not where you will find the man of your dreams that's the WEAK BITCH MENTALITY.  As a woman you should put yourself first, never someone else. Women have made it easy for a man to do what he wants, but then complains about it to someone else maybe a best friend maybe or maybe even a mother but always ending the sentence with "but I need him though." A lot of women with children do this because they really don't have time to go out and find something better,  that's bogus. This woman finally gets tired and lazy and decides to deal with a woman, REALLY. .. Using this whack ass reason, ain't no good men out here but simple b**** you never expanded your horizons and nowadays gay girls a running like water.

This post might be one of my favorites because it deals with common sense more than anything else. Let me first say that I had no problem with gay people at all I think people put too much emphasis on it at times. If you play video games please check out our most recent United Fanboyz post about gays in video games, but anyway, I've always said that their life is there life. My issue is with these lazy lesbos.  Lazy lesbos are women who are too lazy to look for a good man so they say f*** it and deal with the first Mannie Fresh looking chick they see at the club. What you all fail to realize is that it could have an effect on your child or children. I know what you say, "we different, it ain't even like that." "My baby comfortable all the time." Right. Heard that before.

Listen, butch gay women are not baby daddy's.  I actually laughed in this ratchets face for saying it. That is sooo ratchet. To think that by leaving a relationship with a man to be with a woman that looks like a man, tries to act like a man and keeps between a 8 and 12 inch strap-on under the mattress is a common sense movie, well that is just crazy. It just shows how insecure you are with yourself and your efforts. You think you are the different one out of the bunch, right.. Get back to real life and understand that you decide who is good enough, be strong and stop letting what you see in the streets and  on tv influence your sexual lifestyle. Are you even putting the children first? ?? Are you cool with a "butchie" calling herself your baby daddy???

Closing, you are the woman, let's be real you have the vagina so to a point you call the shots. Stop being so weak, you're not even vulnerable, your just lazy. That is not Spartan behavior. You know how many men look at you and wonder why you are with another chick? Take from this what you will, the fact that you quit on the men shows a lack of your will. Stop being ratchet and go get the dick back.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Trap

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What's up friends, fans and most definitely the haters. Sorry I've been gone for so long, I've been on tour with friends on other projects. Tomorrow is Valentine's day. I honestly don't believe that anyone in love should have to express it totally one day a year. Its a waste of money. I believe Vday should be focused primarily toward new relationships and father's showing their younger daughters how a date should go. Of course that is just how I feel about it, you don't have to agree. I stated this site because I believe women and men make mistakes when it comes tk their children. Some mistakes are more reckless than others, but they are mistakes none the less. I'm not proud of the mistakes I've made, but they have made me a much better man.People hate on how many children/children's moms I have. So what... One thing I know for sure is that my children are well taken care of.

More men have been trapped than women and Vday is one of those days where a ratchet will suck, fuck and beg you to leave it in hoping that in 3-4 later they can tell you they are late for that monthly drip. They might not take that birth control pill or, the worst of all, poke a hole in that condom. To quote Beyonce, this bitch is "drunk in love" or she sees the opportunity to lock down a successful promising man in order to hold them down or hit him for child support down the line.

I hosted a book show a little while back and this chick let her ratchet shown out in front of 40-50 other women. She described how this man she supposedly loved told her that he was done having children and if that was something she really wanted they should just go their separate ways. This broad said "well, I know what to do, I'll just trap him, there is a way." The nerve of this broad. Women constantly say "niggaz ain't shit" but here is a perfect example of why "bitches ain't shit."

Fellas, don't subject yourself to situations like this. If you truly are in love on Vday, get a fucking card or some roses. Don't get this chick cooch too wet to the point you don't pull out or her sex hole becomes her brain and sucks you into the black hole of deception. If a woman truly respects and loves her man she will let it all take its course. So many of these hoes are scared to lose a good dude, they'll try anything possible to keep them. She shouldn't stoop that low, she should have more respect for her eggs. This gives the world even more unnecessary babymama's and babydaddy's.    
Don't let a night of cards and candy turn into a 18 year nightmare...

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